Student Reviews

Chakri's knowledge and training style was excellent and facilitated learning. The whole course was well organised and enjoyable to do.

Helen Wilkinson - Consultant Physiotherapist

Really valuable and enjoyable course, excellent patient teaching and support from all the team.

Mary Vincent - Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist. Senior Manager of Outpatient and Community Neuro Rehabilitation Services.

This was a fantastic course and delivered very effectively in an online setting. The Pod at home was a great opportunity to practise at leisure. I have learnt a great deal on the course and despite feeling confident with US guided injections there are certain aspects and learning points that I have taken from the course and will change my practise.

Gareth Maguire - Advanced Neurology Physiotherapy Practitioner

I really enjoyed the course, far more than I expected. It was fantastic to start with the basic science to underpin the practice sessions - it all makes more sense now, and I feel a lot more confident to inject. The team were all really helpful, and I think went out of their way to problem solve technical issues etc. I will certainly recommend this course to colleagues.

Susan White - Stroke Rehabilitation Consultant

This was an exceptionally good course. It was a true pleasure to be a part of it. I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and professionalism.

Dr Benjamin Jelley - Consultant in General, Geriatric and Stroke Medicine