Student Reviews

Dr Chakri was an excellent teacher, and it was great that he was able share a lot of his knowledge, experience and expertise during the course. It was a very well taught course, and his feedbacks were very helpful for the assignments. Dough was also amazing with helping with the ultrasound settings and was great with practical demonstrations. Thank you to everyone involved in organising the course, arranging probe and iPad and sending all other relevant information for practical use and application for the duration of the course. Recordings of video sessions every week were also very helpful for learning. Thank you, Orca team.

Viji -

How effective was the online training - Very effective

Branwen -

How useful was it to have an ultrasound system to practice with - very useful

Branwen -

Chakri was a brilliant teacher and easy to follow the sessions. Also, very grateful of the assignment feedback and the fact we now have these as revision notes.

Louise -

How useful is it to have an ultrasound to practice with - Very useful

Fran -

This was an exceptionally good course. It was a true pleasure to be a part of it. I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and professionalism.

Dr Benjamin Jelley - Consultant in General, Geriatric and Stroke Medicine

Thank you I really enjoyed the course.

Luke -

I really enjoyed the course, incredibly informative and great to practice live and throughout the week with the assignments. I felt more confident each week as the course went on and is definitely something I?d like to continue to develop. The course leaders/lecturers were great and provided huge insight and appreciated that we were learners and the right level of difficulty. Admin wise great communication throughout organised and efficient. Overall fantastic course and experience would highly recommend to anyone.

Ashleigh -

Excellent course presented brilliantly. I wasn?t expecting to learn as much as I did as I?ve been giving toxin for years, but it was a very well run and informative course, his experience really comes across.

Liz -

Amazing course. The organisation was brilliant, the structure of the course was perfectly paced and having the videos to go over in my own time with the kit to practice with was great. Chakri and Doug were fantastic! Your way of explaining everything was brilliant, it was great to learn so much in a relaxed environment. I didn?t think I would ever say I enjoy homework (assignments!), but I really enjoyed the homework! Thank you so much.

Pamela -

I am thoroughly impressed at how the course was organised and delivered. Having the probe available to practice and handle outside of the course enables a much greater advancement in skills than would have been achieved in a face-to-face course. I hope the market continues to demand online courses as how you have organised and delivered it has been superb. I will be highly recommending you to my SEM colleagues. Thank you so much for giving me a good starting ground in MSK ultrasound.

Lisa -

Brilliant course, thank you very much for the effort, enthusiasm and encouragement from highly knowledgeable course tutors, really appreciated.

Emma -

Thank you I really enjoyed the course.

MD -

Chakri's knowledge and training style was excellent and facilitated learning. The whole course was well organised and enjoyable to do.

Helen Wilkinson - Consultant Physiotherapist

Excellent course, good interactive workshop.

Naeem -

The course was excellent, I'm really grateful that I had the opportunity to attend. Mr Budithi was a great teacher and having the live demonstrations from Doug at the same time worked really well. I found the assignments useful to ensure I was identifying key muscles correctly and to do some anatomy revision.

Annie 2022 -

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it

Elaine -

I actually found the online one to be more informative and able to visualise the muscles better than the face-to-face ones I?ve been on before. Also, much more accessible.

Liz -

Excellent course. I would highly recommend this given the amount time given by highly specialised lecturers.

Andy -

This was an excellent interactive course and helped improve my understanding and techniques using US guidance for injections in spasticity.

Emily -

The low numbers were excellent, Great content and examples with practical use of ultrasound Claire Excellent one day training - Thankyou.

Subha -

I really enjoyed the course, far more than I expected. It was fantastic to start with the basic science to underpin the practice sessions - it all makes more sense now, and I feel a lot more confident to inject. The team were all really helpful, and I think went out of their way to problem solve technical issues etc. I will certainly recommend this course to colleagues.

Susan White - Stroke Rehabilitation Consultant

Excellent course. A++

Anonymous - Director

Really valuable and enjoyable course, excellent patient teaching and support from all the team.

Mary Vincent - Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist. Senior Manager of Outpatient and Community Neuro Rehabilitation Services.

Thank you very much. I definitely learned a lot and will use it in practice!

Simon -

This weekend we had some amazing training from Orca Medical. One of the best training courses anyone on the team has ever done. In-depth and brilliantly executed. Fully recommend everyone checks them out.

Adam Smith -

Thoroughly enjoyable course.

Matthew -

This was a fantastic course and delivered very effectively in an online setting. The Pod at home was a great opportunity to practise at leisure. I have learnt a great deal on the course and despite feeling confident with US guided injections there are certain aspects and learning points that I have taken from the course and will change my practise.

Gareth Maguire - Advanced Neurology Physiotherapy Practitioner

A Very effective event (will modify practice in a major way).

Panos -