Chison Sonobook 9

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Founded in 1996, Chison is an innovative and successful manufacturer of ultrasound imaging technology at the global level. The Sonobook 9 is the newest model in Chison’s line of laptop-style general purpose portable systems, featuring a wide range of optional probes for situations where compactness and a broad range of capability are desired.

Offering excellent performance in numerous clinical areas, including: Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Vascular Science, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Paediatrics, Gastroenterology, General & Acute Medicine, Cardiology and Obstetrics/Gynaecology.

  • Ultra-light, weighing less than 5.5kg
  • Slimline design for easy carrying - 70mm thickness
  • Built in 15 inch HD LED monitor
  • 120° rotatable creen design
  • Wide range of compatible probes
  • Efficient powerful image engine producing less heat and less noise

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