Stewart Kerr

Stewart Kerr

Advanced Practice Physiotherapist

Trained as a Physiotherapist, Sonographer and Injection Therapist, Stewart specialises in diagnostic ultrasound scanning and ultrasound-guided injections of the upper and lower limbs. Combining his skills, he can provide a specialised service involving detailed clinical examination, ultrasound scanning, joint and soft-tissue injections and rehabilitation advice for joint, soft tissue and nerve conditions of the upper and lower limbs.

Stewart holds degrees in Sport and Exercise Science (BSc Hons) and Physiotherapy (MSc) as well as obtaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Ultrasound and a Post Graduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy. As a Physiotherapist of over 13 years, he commonly sees both simple and complex conditions of the upper and lower limbs in his practise. He has had a longstanding sub-specialist interest in shoulder problems and continues to enjoy this aspect of his clinical work.

Stewart is the Clinical Director at Life Fit Wellness and enjoys teaching Nationally on ultrasound education. As a former international badminton player, he is delighted to be involved with the Badminton World Federation Research Commission, where he is actively involved in injury prevention research.

Stewart is passionate about how ultrasound can enhance patient care if used appropriately and is interested in the training process, clinical education and competency.  He is also involved with research both as an independent researcher and as part of the Badminton World Federation Research Commission.


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