Safersonic Sterile Transducer-Cover with Adhesive (Single - 18x30cm)

Adhesive eliminates the need of Gel under the Cover – no more bubbles or wrinkles. Telescopic folding provides sterile application. Single use Safersonic Transducer-Cover, packed in sterile pouch is now intended for intrasurgical use!

  • No Rubber Bands
  • No Artifacts
  • No Gel at the Transducer
  • Latexfree
  • No Glue Remnants

Three steps to successful use:

  • Reach into the cover following the path of the white tab and remove the white rectangle to expose the adhesive area.
  • Press adhesive against the center of the Transducer using the middle-finger - to prevent wrinkles, rub/flatten adhesive area towards both ends.
  • The non sterile person grabs the cover and pulls it over head and cable – remove white tab and wrap around probe cover.

18cm x 30cm. Qty: 1

Also available as a pack of 50 for £242.29

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