Konica Minolta Sonimage HS1

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A culture of constant innovation stretching back to 1873 underpins Konica Minolta's leading global position in image processing technologies, while the company has a long and illustrious history of excellence in medical applications. In its home market of Japan, Konica Minolta's ultrasound products have evolved specifically to deliver high performance for physicians and surgeons managing patients at the point of consultation in clinic. Konica Minolta's advanced ultrasound technology platform combines outstanding image quality with simplicity of use and is hugely popular among practitioners in this setting. Recognition in Western healthcare systems of the value and efficiency of ultrasound imaging at the "Point of Care", has resulted in growing understanding that Konica Minolta products are ideally equipped to meet expert needs, in a design that is years ahead of other products with respect to ergonomics and overall utility.

Introduced in 2016, the Sonimage HS1 has led growth outside Japan and in the USA, Konica Minolta's reputation for quality imaging is moving from strength to strength. It fully deserves to be recognised as a flagship for practitioners in the UK. The innovative design is built on three key technologies which combine together to deliver outstanding performance:

Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging allows simultaneous triple frequency transmission. By adjusting the transmission intensity of each frequency component, generation of harmonics can be precisely controlled and adjusted to optimise signal to noise and deliver high resolution at a wider range of image depths.

Dual Sonic creates a functional separation of the transmission aperture enabling elements forming the outer portion of the aperture to contribute a beam front of lower frequency components, generating harmonics at depth, while elements in the central portion of the aperture contribute a beam front of high frequency components, generating harmonics in superficial tissues. As a result, acoustic noise contamination is reduced, tissue contrast resolution is improved and signal to noise ratio increased to deliver clearer images at a greater range of depths.

Nanofabrication is a precision technology developed by Konica Minolta for application across all its manufacturing base, which enables sub-micron control of component machining. When applied to transducer array manufacture, nanofabrication improves the shaping of each individual element and enables greater control over the energy conversion response characteristic of the element. The full beneficial effects of Triad Tissue Harmonics and Dual Sonic are realised when combined with probe arrays manufactured using nanofabrication.

The highly portable design gives a unique degree of efficiency across a wide range of applications with a highly customisable user interface offering intuitive direct operation in every situation. To assist in teaching and explaining to patients, the Sonimage HS1 also offers valuable facilities such as the drawing function which are highly appreciated in use.

Examples of usage areas: Rheumatology, Sports and Exercise Medicine, Anaesthesiology, Pain Medicine, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Orthopaedics, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Vascular Sciences, Acute and General Medicine, Clinical Research, Clinical Education.

Additional features:

  • SNV - needle tip enhancement for greater precision and control during both in plane and out of plane needle guidance
  • Voice response - control of machine using voice commands
  • Panoramic display - real time extension of the field of view for capture and display of larger structures

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